Bloem by Fluisteraars is a project I’m very proud of. This was a perfect example of how creative minds can amplify each other to come to results they would otherwise not have gotten to. Bloem was almost an ode to the 60ies and 70ies in the way it sounds and how it was recorded at E-Sound Studio’s in the spring of 2019. Mixing was done mostly analog too, using the CADAC console and loads of outboard gear. The recording ranged from guitars, vocals, bass and drum as found in lots of other black metal bands, to what made this album somewhat more unique; Strings, a choir, piano, trumpet, trombone and various ‘random objects’ used in soundscapes.

Lyrics & Vocals – Bob Mollema
Music, Drums, Guitars & Bass – Mink Koops
Recording, mix, Trumpet & Trombone – Thomas Cochrane
Mastering – Wessel Oltheten